The purpose of this site is to showcase some of the web pages and web sites that have been or are being developed by LarryG. He is not a full-time web developer, but moonlights here while his daytime is managing a software engineering group. Please feel free to check out each of the links below. Many of the sites I did were very small companies, mostly friends with side businesses, so they have come and gone or evolved into something else. Regardless there is always SKI-IT-AGAIN which is my main site. Hope you enjoy them!

Thank You for your interest!

Come Get Wet With LarryG And Friends!!!   
FREE Pre-Owned Water Ski Equipment Classifieds!
Jeff, Cheryl and Mark's HALLOWEEN 1999 PARTY!!!   
Books On Things
Jeff Klohr's Out Of Our Minds euroTOUR 2000   
Shared Bounty, CSA
Lilaby Creek Antiques - Specializing in Investment-Quality Art Nouveau
Cindy Kaplan, Attorney At Law
JC&M Halloween 2000   
Lake St. Louis Water Ski Club (TM)!!
Commercial & Residential Remodeling - In Business but needed a full-time web developer
Ritter, Lang & Kaplan, LLD Attorneys At Law.  Intellectual Properties -- Sorry, No Longer In Business
      Three Stores Specializing In Quilts, Buttons and Needlework - Sorry, no longer in business after 25+ years
Photo Gallery
H2OSKI.INFO ... Find What You Need Fast!!
      CAMPS Mantillas Offering The Finest In European Lace Veils ... SORRY, No Longer In Business
J Squared Studios
      Watercolor Art By St. Louis's Own, JANE M. MASON