Trip History

The Out Of Our Minds euroTour 2000 began in six different cities, in three different countries on two different continents.

The St. Louis based crew was joined by the Chicago crew in Toronto. From there everyone flew to Zurich Switzerland where we met up with Jeff's friends, Stefanie and Elvira who live in Germany. After walking around Zurich for a few hours we hopped in the cars and headed for Donaueschingen Germany where Stefanie and her hubby, Thomas live as well as Elvira and her husband, Michael. Joining all of us was one of Stefanie's work colleagues, Gerd. We also met up with Robert ... another of Jeff's German friends (now you know why Jeff is leading this crusade!!). We were treated one evening to a very special event, thanks to Stefanie and her father. While at the Jagerhaus for dinner Stef's father's band came in and played for us for nearly 30 minutes ... IT WAS GREAT FUN! Take a look at the pics to get an idea of how that went!!

After a couple days in Donau with a memorable side-trip to Frieburg we packed up and headed for the Austrian Alps! Once in Lech Austria, we were joined by Ed (an MIT buddy of Jeff's), his recently fiance'd Carine and his sister, Donna! Four days were spent in Lech ... skiing, eating, sight-seeing, sleeping, blowing out knees, cracking ribs, bruising egos and just generally having a great time!

On Thursday we packed up and headed to München Germany (Munich for you Euro-challenged folks) where we met up with another of Jeff's MIT buddies, Rob. We spent two days wandering about München, establishing a new "Keller" tune by the title of "LOG" and visiting nearby towns.

From there we packed up and headed back to Zurich on Sunday for our flight home on Monday (mind you three of our compatriots returned on Sunday). We did eeech out one last meeting with Stefanie and Gerd Sunday night at our restaurant/hotel before making the trek home on Monday.

The above was seriously abridged but the pics (both mine and the other sites) will help explain the other 20 pages of trip history!